Month: April 2017

stage shows

Tips for successful Easter and Anzac day Stage Shows

Easter church decoration can be done in a variety of ways, and we can use portable stage decoration materials for that. Churches need bigger decoration than homes. Easter celebration, modular stage construction materials can be used and designed to get customised stages for Easter and ANZAC celebration. Australian national day is the most awaiting celebration for an Australian citizen. Portable dance floors and ramp walk platforms can be set up using portable stage materials. One can easily transform their spaces for various tasks. Folding products are well suited for hotels community halls and churches as well.
Anzac Day Special
Portable stages are versatile, strong and very easy to assemble. The main applications of this type of modular stages are choirs, displays, bands and
various other celebration purposes. These are completely modular and customised, and hence, we can rearrange it according to our requirement. These stages are exclusively used for concerts, ribbon cutting functions, and other church related functions. These stages come in various sizes and shapes, and the design and size requirement of the stage is determined by the purpose of the occasion.

Easy to assemble

These types of stage platforms are made of aluminium, and it is easy to assemble. Anybody can assemble it with the help of a user manual. It is very compact, and we can assemble or dismantle it easily and quickly whenever necessary. The pieces are very easy to handle and lightweight, and only a single person is enough to assemble an entire stage, which is very simple and quick. It is very user-friendly and can be used for surprise events as the time required to set up a portable stage is very less. I have been using portable stage panels by JD’s Sound & Lighting as they were my local event suppliers. They have a huge range and customised size options to choose. I would recommend doing a good research before hiring/buying a stage to make sure they also supply all needed accessories.

Convenient storage system

For transporting the parts of the portable stage, a storage system and a transporting system is required, and the most commonly used is a vertical cart. These types of carts are used to ship any unassembled parts of portable stages. The parts of the stage can be rolled into the desired position. After reaching the destination, it can be easily removed with the help of a foot pedal. Recently Sydney’s Easter show has been a talk of the town as the show has been organised so well and stage show was mesmerising. No doubt you need the right equipment and talented people make these type of events successful.

Modular Customizable

It is modular, and it can be deconstructed into parts and customised according to customer’s requirements. It can be used for constructing venues for various celebrations. One can easily install a drama stage with a portable stage and its products with no time.

Economical and reusable

portable stage
Portable stages are the ultimate solution for customised venue creation for various functions. It is very economical and can be reused further. Reusability of these types of stages makes a markable profit to the event coordinators, and the human power requirement is also very less for constructing and deconstructing stages. Hiring portable stage is very inexpensive than hiring a theatre stage or an auditorium.

Secure and lightweight

The parts of foldable stages are lightweight and made of aluminium. We can also make it a mobile stage by giving wheels to it. Metal frames are being used for better security. Temporary stages are easily constructed with portable products.