About us

The IPswich model railway club was founded in 2001 for Ipswich and Ipswich environs. The club brings together like-minded souls interested in meeting their fellow railway modellers to share their common passion. So the formation of our club has been long overdue, and the continued and rising interest in its endeavours by a growing number of members and visitors augurs well for its continued existence.

The growth in population and advances in technology have led to a greater electricity demand. The grid connection will not be sufficient to supply electricity to Australia. We feel concerned with the issues and our club encourages and supports the use of renewable energy. Revolutionary solar powered systems are changing everything about the world what we use to think. From solar-powered trams to solar-powered PA music systems & even solar-powered staging, everything is moving towards the green technology.

Therefore, The IPswich model train club is supporting the introduction of solar powered tram in Victoria. Your ideas and comments are most welcomed to contribute to the changes in the Victorian railway system.