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stage shows

Tips for successful Easter and Anzac day Stage Shows

Easter church decoration can be done in a variety of ways, and we can use portable stage decoration materials for that. Churches need bigger decoration than homes. Easter celebration, modular stage construction materials can be used and designed to get customised stages for Easter and ANZAC celebration. Australian national day is the most awaiting celebration for an Australian citizen. Portable dance floors and ramp walk platforms can be set up using portable stage materials. One can easily transform their spaces for various tasks. Folding products are well suited for hotels community halls and churches as well.
Anzac Day Special
Portable stages are versatile, strong and very easy to assemble. The main applications of this type of modular stages are choirs, displays, bands and
various other celebration purposes. These are completely modular and customised, and hence, we can rearrange it according to our requirement. These stages are exclusively used for concerts, ribbon cutting functions, and other church related functions. These stages come in various sizes and shapes, and the design and size requirement of the stage is determined by the purpose of the occasion.

Easy to assemble

These types of stage platforms are made of aluminium, and it is easy to assemble. Anybody can assemble it with the help of a user manual. It is very compact, and we can assemble or dismantle it easily and quickly whenever necessary. The pieces are very easy to handle and lightweight, and only a single person is enough to assemble an entire stage, which is very simple and quick. It is very user-friendly and can be used for surprise events as the time required to set up a portable stage is very less. I have been using portable stage panels by JD’s Sound & Lighting as they were my local event suppliers. They have a huge range and customised size options to choose. I would recommend doing a good research before hiring/buying a stage to make sure they also supply all needed accessories.

Convenient storage system

For transporting the parts of the portable stage, a storage system and a transporting system is required, and the most commonly used is a vertical cart. These types of carts are used to ship any unassembled parts of portable stages. The parts of the stage can be rolled into the desired position. After reaching the destination, it can be easily removed with the help of a foot pedal. Recently Sydney’s Easter show has been a talk of the town as the show has been organised so well and stage show was mesmerising. No doubt you need the right equipment and talented people make these type of events successful.

Modular Customizable

It is modular, and it can be deconstructed into parts and customised according to customer’s requirements. It can be used for constructing venues for various celebrations. One can easily install a drama stage with a portable stage and its products with no time.

Economical and reusable

portable stage
Portable stages are the ultimate solution for customised venue creation for various functions. It is very economical and can be reused further. Reusability of these types of stages makes a markable profit to the event coordinators, and the human power requirement is also very less for constructing and deconstructing stages. Hiring portable stage is very inexpensive than hiring a theatre stage or an auditorium.

Secure and lightweight

The parts of foldable stages are lightweight and made of aluminium. We can also make it a mobile stage by giving wheels to it. Metal frames are being used for better security. Temporary stages are easily constructed with portable products.

lighting tips

Party lighting tips from an event manager

Event planning and designing

My role as an event manager is often challenging, enterprising and creative. Often, clients expect me to come up with out of the world themes and ideas to lend that unique appeal to the whole event. Admittedly, most people are organising these events at infrequent intervals, and they expect the memories to linger on.

Some clients who come to me, do a lot of homework on lighting hire for the parties and have specific themes and ideas on how the event should be organised. If you thought these are the easiest of clients to deal with, you could be wrong. These customers have pictured their game with great details, and I should read their mindset and ideas to bring out the best of my creativity and make them happy. On the other hand, when I am asked to plan the event from scratch, I enjoy a lot of freedom to mix and match different plans.

On that note, let us examine some of the party lighting ideas in different settings.

String lights

Decorative LED string lights are a very modern means of lighting up different event nights. String lights afford a significant level of flexibility and can be used as a medium of accent lighting or primary lighting. In outdoor settings, the entire space can be covered with zigzag strings providing a soft and festive look. Where the venue has plenty of trees or natural foliage, these strings of lights can be dangling from the branches giving the eye-catching appeal. They are widely used in the white night event in Melbourne. The city lighted up for the stunning festival.

In indoor settings or tents, strings radiate from the external surface from a central vantage point making it functional as well as attractive. Another option would be to use the string lights for creating a canopy of colourful lights. String lights are available in a wide array of lengths, bulb options, and socket spacing. Depending on the event, the size of the venue and other details, you can also choose string lights of commercial grade or Vintage Edison variants.

Combining paper lanterns with string lights

Combining paper lanterns with string lights is another beautiful way to bring your event venue to life. Paper lanterns have a high degree of adaptability, and you can bring out all your creativity with shapes, sizes and colours. Paper lanterns present unique looks when they are grouped in clusters or deployed sparingly for a minor accent. The traditional method of using paper lanterns is to hang them overhead. But try using them as centrepieces to decorate your cake table or other parts of the event that you want to highlight or add a pop of colour. To get the best out of these, your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Party laser light

LED Balls and Cubes

LED Balls and Cubes stands among other speciality lighting options to add the added WOW factor to any events. This option also allows you to choose between static colours or alternating cycles of multiple colours. You will also have the choice of deploying it as decorative accents or functional lighting. The waterproof character of LED balls gives you another opportunity to let loose your creativity around pools, water bodies or even makeshift tubs or other similar containers. Lighting is a crucial part of most events planned for after dusk hours, and a well thought out lighting plan will add glitter to your event.

Fairy lights

You can enhance any décor or centrepiece with the magical spell of twinkle that fairy lights bring along. The perfect economical solution to add lighting to nearly every event is the fairy lights operating on batteries. The flexible wire that comes with the fairy lights gives you the ability to wrap them around, twist them around table embellishments or even bend them to go into lanterns or jars to bring in the best of your creativity. Fairy lights always can be a good choice for your children’s function venue. Find more on kid’s gathering sites.

Mini Lights LED

If you are looking for an economical solution to light up your event, you should choose the LED mini lights. These low wattage lights allow you to connect multiple sets safety making them the perfect choice for wrapping around columns, shrubs or trees. They can also perform as great accent lighting and outlining windows or beams.

Light bases

LED light bases constitute another option to provide accent lighting. These are small stands capable of casting large-scale lighting perfect to emphasise table décors like a vase, centrepiece or ice sculptures. When used under tables covered with linen they provide a dramatic under-lighting which can also be tuned in with the colour scheme for the event. You have great flexibility in customization with this type of light bases in a broad range of colour schemes to achieve a dynamic display.

Submersible Floralytes

When your thoughts gravitate towards illuminating centrepieces from within, submersible floralytes constitute a great option. Your floral arrangements can be accented by adding these lights to clear vases or used in combination with a champagne fountain to bring about that dynamic and eye-catching effect. Submersible lights also present a sophisticated and moody vibe when they are submerged in clear vases which are filled with transparent beads. Floralytes can be sourced in static colours or colour changing variants to achieve perfect coordination with your décor.

Flower Lights

This is, in fact, another variation of string lights and can be a great addition to present a unique festive look. Positioning them at vantage points where your guests come up close and get a close look to understand that these are no ordinary lights will further enhance the effort. Flower lights are ideal for lighting up the gift table at weddings, or the cake table, etc. When deployed with some thought, you are sure to get the attention of your guests who will appreciate the touch of class.

This is but a representative list, and when you get down to the task of lighting up your events, there can be a sea of other options. What is important is the amount of homework that goes into the planning, maybe with the help of a professional like me, or with help from the digital world.

Solar powered tram in Victoria

Solar powered trams coming to Melbourne soon

The trams network in Melbourne is soon to be powered by solar power from the first large-scale plant coming up in Victoria. Eurosolar is known for delivering the best solar power systems in Australia. North-west Victoria has been chosen to house the solar system which is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of 2018. The state government has recently announced that the solar plant would produce 75 MW power and about 50% of that would be linked to the Melbourne tram network. The tender for construction of the solar plant will open before mid-2017 and is expected to provide 300 new jobs.

Ms D’Ambrosio, minister for environment and energy, stated that 35 MW of power was adequate to cater to the 410 trams in Melbourne. She also mentioned that the arrangement for solar power was “notional” and that the growth in the renewable energy sector would be adequate to meet the needs of the tram network. Energy economist, Danny price, stated that Australia’s electricity grid may no longer be adequate and thus, adopting a third-world power system might be the solution. The broader electricity system will absorb energy produced by the proposed plant. But, in turn, the government will buy renewable energy certificates from the solar plant giving it the financial certainty. She also added that the government’s purchasing power as a large consumer of energy would be beneficial for boosting investments in renewable resources. Producers of renewable energy can sell renewable energy certificates as well as electricity which will add a potentially additional stream of revenue for them. The minister, however, did not want to be drawn on the likely cost of the project and said that the money had been earmarked in the budget and that it would be adequate to meet the cost of building the plant. She also skirted questions on whether the expense of the solar project would be more in comparison to using the base load power presently available.

However, when the system receives more renewable energy, it triggers a downward pressure on the price of electricity. The minister stated further that north-eastern Victoria enjoyed a “particular advantage” all projects across the state can participate in the tender process. David Southwick, the opposition energy minister, said that the announcement would be of little help in easing the pressure families faced from ‘bill shock’. He went on to add that Ms Andrews should focus on a power deal that is most affordable for Victorians instead of wasting money on account of media stunts like the present one. Environment groups have however welcomed the announcement. According to ‘Friends of the Earth’, the project would be helpful for the Andrews government in meeting the 40% target for renewable energy by the year 2025.

In another related report in theguardian, the proposal to use solar power for Melbourne’s tram network is aimed at reducing carbon emissions in Victoria bringing it to zero by the year 2050. The current plan is a sequel to the November announcement that the coal-fired power station Hazelwood in Gippsland which was producing about 25% of Victoria’s electricity would shut down. Engie, who own the plant is also exploring the possible sale of the coal-fired power station Loy Yang B in Latrobe Valley which generates about 17% of power for Victoria. A government report in 2015 on renewable energy targets for Victoria states that only 12% of electricity supplied to Victoria in 2014 came from renewable sources while coal contributed to 84%.